Welcome to SW Real Estate Management

Are you looking for a property manager that keeps you on your toes, rather than the other way around? Then you've come to the right place.

SW Real Estate Management is specialised in the property management and asset management of logistic properties. By focussing on logistics, we have acquired the knowledge and experience to create customised solutions to manage your properties.

And if you are looking for a project manager or a consultant to provide you with professional advice when buying or selling property, you are welcome as well. You will find all services under one roof. We can be your contact in all property matters.



For both owners and users, we have a proactive way of managing property: we aim to solve issues instead of only reporting them. Our clients' interests are centred upon. We take care of your properties, while optimising their yield.

SW Real Estate Management is a no-nonsense organisation. We have a very direct approach, are flexible, and operate short communication lines.